A downloadable game for Windows

Learning Fluid Dynamics in a online multiplayer immersive 3D/VR learning environment.  

This is a first prototype:   
- You can build your own avatar
- Your avatar has some gestures
- You can walk around, there is a sluice, some machines and a river to visit on the island
- Some assignments (Dutch) are available 

The future of the project; https://unreal.fluiddynamics.eu/the-project/

What you download is a client to get access to  the 3D  world which is running on a server. There are 5 guest accounts available. Everybody can use them.
username and password : guest1, guest2, guest3, guest4 and guest5.

The project is build with Unreal Engine 5.0.3

Install instructions

Option 1 Maximum convenience with the itch app.

Big advantage is that updates are taken care of.

Make an account at itch.io, use the app https://itch.io/app and switch on sandbox (Preferences).  Search for Unreal Fluid Dynamics and install the game

Note. At the moment switching the sandbox on gives an error!

Option 2 No itch.io account

Please use option 1. With option 2 you have to download the complete Zip file with every update :-(

  1. Download the zipfile
  2. Unzip
  3. You can delete the zip file.
  4. Find map /WindowsNoEditor/
  5. Right click on FluidDynamics.exe,  properties,  check unblock (see screenshot)
  6. Run FluidDynamics.exe
  7. Sometimes UE4 Prerequisites are installed befor you can run teh game.

Project is build in Unreal Engine 5.0.3  

There are 5 guest account to visit the world.

If you want to have your own account, or you have questions / remarks, you can contact me h.massink at avans.nl

You can uninstall the project by simply delete the map.

Uninstall for option 2

Just delete the zip file and map /WindowsNoEditor/


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